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At Ceramic Conservation Scotland we specialise in the conservation of historical objects made from porcelain, stoneware, stone, earthenware, marble, ivory, glass, enamel and plaster.

What is a conservator?
A conservator is someone who is involved in the care and treatment of objects of artistic or historical significance. Qualified conservators are highly skilled practitioners with years of training and experience. Unfortunately, there are also individuals who call themselves conservators but who are unqualified or do not abide by professional standards. Consequently, it is important to be careful in selecting a conservator.

Conservation treatments can often be complex and may involve some risk to the object. Because a high degree of expertise is required, conservators generally specialize in one particular field such as paintings, books or Objects. Experts in preventive conservation are usually qualified to provide advice or services for more than one type of collection.

Our clients are individuals, private collectors, auction houses and public museums and galleries.